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Hilo Washi Chigiri-e Classes Ends after More Than 11 Years


Since 2005, Lily Nakao Sensei from Oahu  has participated in Bunka No Hi and Kodomo No Matsuri sharing and teaching the art of Washi Chigiri-e.   Since December 2007 bi-monthly classes have been taught by Sensei in Hilo and she has taught hundreds of  students.  At the January 12, 2019 class, President Mike presented Sensei with a lei and cake celebrating her 91st birthday!

Her Hilo students have displayed their art at Ueno Park in Japan at the annual Hakubi Chigiri-e Exhibition featuring over 700 pieces of art from their Japan students; also in Honolulu on several occasions, and in Hilo, including Mayor Kenoi’s office. 

JCAH is very thankful to Mrs. Nakao for working  with the Cultural Committee in 2002 to present the Hakubi Kimono Show with a repeat performance a few years later.  She has also assisted JCAH in presenting other classes such as nuno zouri and corsages out of recycled newspaper.

May  18 will be the last Washi Chigiri-e Class in Hilo.

JCAH is very grateful to Lily Nakao Sensei and the Hakubi Kimono and Chigiri-e School of Japan for sharing this art form in Hilo and underwriting her airfare for many years.

“It is with a heavy heart that Washi Chigiri-e class will end in Hilo, said Jan Higashi, who has coordinated classes since its inception, “however, we wish Sensei the best of health and we sincerely appreciate her insipiration,  talent, and dedication in spreading the art  of Washi Chigiri-e.”

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