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New Children's Book

Hawaii Hochi, Ltd has just published a book, "Japanese Culture4Kids! Book 2: Favorite Children's Stories" -- twelve stories that have been passed down for generations, followed by crafts, puzzles and/or vocabulary activities. Share traditional stories like Momotarō, Issunbōshi and Hanasaka Jiji with your children or grandchildren and help share our culture with the yonsei and gosei generations! This book was written by Carolyn Kubota Morinishi and Marian Kurasaki Kubota, the same creative team behind the Hawai‘i Herald’s “Culture4Kids!” monthly column, and includes original illustrations by Kim Yoshie Kubota and Melissa Misaye Morinishi. You can purchase this book for $19.95 plus postge ($16.95 for Hawai’i Herald subscribers). To order, please call the Hawaii Hochi office at 808- 845-2255 or email them at

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