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President’s Message

Ivan Nakano, April 2017


Dear members,


As your president, the first few months of 2017 has been an exciting cultural experience that truly makes me appreciate our Hawaii Island community.  


As a guest of the Urasenke Hilo Association, we participate in the Hatsudate, New Year’s Tea Ceremony and it provided me a total awe inspiring perspective on preparation and enjoying tea.


We had the opportunity to host and enjoy the company of the Chuo University Baseball Team from Japan at the Hawaii Japanese Center with a spaghetti dinner.  


It has been a heartwarming experience on having the opportunity to participate in the Shinnenkai Celebrations of the various Kenjinkais in our community such as Fukushima Kenjin Doshi Kai, Yamaguchi Kenjinkai, and Hawaii Shima Niigata Kenjinkai.  Hawaii Shima Kumamoto Doshi Kai is celebrating their 90th anniversary and East Hawaii Hiroshima Kenjinkai is celebrating their 50th anniversary.  They all have their unique history and the food experience has been superb.


We also had the opportunity to participate in the farewell banquet for Dr. Nobuo and Mrs. Miyako Arimoto of the Subaru Telescope.  He was a key catalyst that made Subaru become a part of the Hawaii Island Community.


In the month of April we will host the Shibukawa delegation in their participation with the Merrie Monarch Festival and parade.  I believe this year will mark the 20th year for the Merrie Monarch Festival celebration that is held in Shibukawa.


In the month of May, 2017 we have our 4th Annual Nikkei Kigyo Recognition Banquet.  This year we are honoring Dodo Mortuary, Inc. founded in 1898 and The Seaside Restaurant founded in 1921. 


The JCAH can only be successful with the support and participation of its members.  We encourage all of you to come and join us for 2017.  So far, it has been a Cockle Doodle Doo Year.


Thank you.

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