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Annual Ireisai Hoyo Memorial Service

The Japanese Community Association of Hawai’i ob-served its 83rd Annual Ireisai Hoyo Memorial Service at 2 pm., Sunday, August 28, 2022 at ‘Alae Cem-etery in Hilo. Under a beautiful Hilo day on a manicured ‘Alae Cemetery grounds an event of Remembrance of our Issei was observed and honored.

The overall height of the Ireito is 14 feet 7 and ½ inches and weight ap-proximately 15 tons. The round ball at the top symbolized the universal faith for all.

The Big Island Buddhist Federation conducted the memorial service, with Puna Hongwanji Mission serving as the Toban Tem-ple. Reverend Satoshi Ka’imipono Tomioka jointly conducted the service with BIBF ministers and their temples. They participated by offering the tradition-al Oshoko, flower bouquets and prayers. Opening Aspiration was conducted by Reverend Sohko Kuki, from Hilo Hooganji Mission. BIBF maximized the ministers and temples participation, on an idea of Reverend Tomioka. The Closing Aspiration was done by Reverend Jigaku Takenouchi, from Taishoji Soto Mission. Many in attendance commented on this innovative honorable technique of participa-tion.

“We also honored two Japanese Mari-time sailors who had died at sea and are now buried at ‘Alae Cemetery”, commented Event Co-Chair Mr. Hiro-shi Suga.

This Ireisai Hoyo Memorial Service became the culmination of the 2022 Obon season and services on Hawai’i Island.

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