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Hilo High Students Building Relationships with Oshima High School Students

Sister City relationship between County of Hawai`i and Oshima Island was established in 1962, and it is the oldest sister-city to County of Hawai`i. Oshima, which means “Big Island,” is a volcanic island in the Izu Islands in Tokyo.

(photos above: Members from County of Hawai`i visited Oshima Island in 1962.)

This year marks the 60th anniversary, and a group of students from Hilo HS Japanese class and Oshima HS have been meeting and building relationships via zoom since February 2021. Students learned about each other’s islands, school lives, interests, etc. Hilo HS Japanese class students created a video to introduce Oshima Island and our relationships to their peers at their school’s KVIKS morning bulletin news: or Scan QR code to watch the news.

(photo above: Hilo HS & Oshima HS Zoom meeting in February 2021)

Hilo HS and Oshima HS students are planning to meet via zoom in September and December this year to further deepen our relationships. Oshina HS students and teachers are also hoping to visit Hilo and Hilo High School in December 2022!

(Picture above: Oshima HS Hawaii Project Logo)

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